Updated: Dec 4, 2021

What a silly rule...never wear white after Labor Day. We are folks who keep an eye on things and do what we want. Summer is rapidly approaching now that Memorial Day has passed. It's time to bring out the white for the fashionistas among us. Every brand makes a white watch in some form or another, and some of them are more appealing to us than others. The variety of selections is fantastic for any budget. Do you have $100 or $100,000 in your bank account? Continue reading to see if you can find something you like. If you're a fan of white dials or all-white watches, there's a good chance you'll find something fresh to enjoy. I'll break everything down by price tier so you can jump to whatever budget you're working with and maybe find something to spend your money on. A carefully picked mix of commercial and private brands awaits you.

999 Dollars and Under

GMAS2100-7A Casio G-Shock

​G-Shock is the only brand of watch that may be mentioned in this price range. These are a symbol for the working class, law enforcement officers, the military, and various other groups. With its carbon casing, resin bezel, and strap, the G-Shock has been shrunk down to 43mm, making it a wearable item for everyone. The GMAS2100 comes in white and costs $99. If you're a watch collector on a budget, you should purchase one of these right away. Even though Casio markets this as a women's watch, I will always consider it unisex.

Seiko SNE032

Seiko SNE032, courtesy of Jomashop

The quartz master who harmed the Swiss kingdom is nevertheless regarded as a technological trailblazer. The Seiko Essentials SNE032 is a stunning solar-powered watch with a two-tone white dial. This isn't a battery that can be charged: A capacitor is charged by light and has a ten-month power reserve when fully charged. Ten months! That's what you call a reliable power reserve. You'll also never have to open this watch to change the battery. This Essential is a midsize watch with a bracelet that looks great in a suit and swim trunks by the pool. This package costs $215 and is a fantastic value.

Orient Classic FAK00002S0

This Orient Classic is a dressy timepiece from a Seiko brand with additional features. A day/date complication with an illustrated day/night indicator is included in this watch. Version 3 has Roman Numerals and a leather strap. The watch is more formal than the previous ones, yet it will look wonderful in any setting. Because the F6B24 movement is made in-house in Japan, quality control is ensured throughout the entire process, making the $270 price tag a steal.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanica lH69439511

Hamilton has been creating watches since the late 1800s, founded by an ex-pat American living in Switzerland. This piece was chosen because I wanted to include a sports watch in the mix. This midsize tool watch is a high-quality replica of vintage military watches. It feels as classic as it looks, with a 38mm case and manual winding movement. With the addition of a 24-hour scale, this timepiece becomes a timepiece that may be used to touch history. This reference was matched with a leather NATO and is known for being both comfortable and durable. $347

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 600 C60-42ADA3-S0KW0-HK

A dive watch should be included in any watch collection. Christopher Ward is tough to beat in the sub-$1,000 category. This dive watch ticks all the boxes and comes in a popular 42mm with an optional hybrid rubber strap. Smaller wrists may like the 40mm version of the watch, but I prefer this version. This dive watch is 600 meters water-resistant and has lume on the hands, indexes, and bezel. Watches seldom combine this combination of quality and utility for $895.

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