Friday Watch Corner - April 15th 2022

The weekend is finally here and after a stressful week (for me, at least), I'm ready to lay out a few of the watches I fell in love with this week. From classic styling, to some real values in horology, I've got a few you might just like yourself. In no particular order, here they are. 1. Bulova Frank Sinatra "My Way"

(Photo: Bulova)

If you're a fan of the JLC Reverso, this one should be a no-brainer. Of course, if you're more of a Cartier tank fella, you might let this one catch your eye as well. If you're a fan of not worrying about your watch, this one is for you. With so many more destinations opening up this summer, travel is going to be on everyone's mind. This uptick in motion is surely going to have most of us wondering which watch we want to bring with us on our getaway, and it can be tricky to really decide if you want to bring along the Datejust or Seamaster. While I wouldn't ever tell anyone to keep their watches in the safe, models such as this Bulova make it so you don't have to give it a second thought. With an elegant dial, an ultra-reliable quartz beating heart, and some fantastic gold accents, you'll have everyone looking twice at what's on your wrist when they catch a glimpse of this. All that is fine if you ask us, because this thing is a stunner and lets you enjoy your vacation without the worry about your watch. If the darker dial isn't your thing, they do offer a white dial with a gold-tone case. You really can have it your way with this on your wrist, anytime you want.

$495 at

2. Mont Blanc 1858 Iced Sea Automatic Date

(Photo: Worn & Wound)

Green is all the rage lately. It feels like it's been that way for over a decade and it's not hard to see why so many other brands are jumping on this trend: green looks amazing and is a great alternative to your black-dial-only diver collection. If you haven't gotten "the call" yet from your AD, mosey on over to Mont Blanc and try one of these on. As far as a solid diver goes, it'll handle what you throw at it. You know you're not going much deeper than the pool and even if you do decide to get your open water certification, you won't be testing the limits of this watch anytime soon. If green really isn't your thing, they do offer these in blue and black. But, why would you want one of those when you can have green? If you're still drooling over the Tiffany Blue Oyster Perpetual you missed out on years ago, here's your chance at redemption. Get one of these and you'll have a solid automatic watch that won't let you down, oozes quality, and isn't just another run-of-the-mill divers you'll see plenty of at dinner. You really could do much worse for a lot more money than this excellent piece.

$3,190 at

3. Swatch Mission To Mars

(Photo: Swatch)

That's right. All the hype, the lines, the trampling, the fury. What was it all for? A "bioceramic" quartz watch which caused an uproar and used half the world's salt supply just in the comments on Facebook. The elitists hated that it said both OMEGA and Speedmaster. The rest of us thought it was a great way to get into watches if you haven't started building up your watch fund to get into something higher-end. However you feel about it, it broke the internet in the best possible way and got many, many folks talking about watches. If you're a true watch connoisseur, then surely you can see the value of expanding the avocation and welcoming others into the lifestyle at whatever price they choose to join in at. And since this is Horology Republic and we love so many types of watches at every price point, we had to include this beauty. Granted, the red case and hands may not be your cup of tea, but this will catch enough eyes and draw either smiles or a disapproving look from someone when you're on your way to the grotto to grab a drink. Love it or hate it, this is a fantastic watch to enjoy into the later spring and summer months. Just don't get any of that mysterious ink on you...we haven't heard if it's completely safe. Time anything and everything this summer with the ease and legibility of this Swatch Mission to Mars (or any of the other fun colors that you like more).

$260 at

4. Epos 3439 North Star

(Photo: Epos)

If you follow our Instagram at all (@horologyrepublic if you haven't yet...go do it now), you've probably seen that Epos is quickly becoming one of our favorite brands. It doesn't hurt that we have a good contact with them that's more than willing to let us try out all sorts of watches they have on offer. While they have something for everyone, this one is special. Given that the offerings for a triple-calendar moonphase seem to all be the 7750-based variants, this offers something different. You get a watch that does exactly what you need it to and leave out what's unnecessary. If you like a fun dial that isn't too busy with a chronograph mixed in, this one is for you. If you like a watch that's functional and has the month, day, date, and how you can expect to see the moon, then get you one of these. We prefer the one with the rose-gold tone, though you can get it in steel. As far as legibility goes, this one brings more than simply indices and hands. You'll get to see the stars light up and the moon glow...and that's not something you find too often at this price point. Usually, you're left wanting more or feeling like you simply haven't gotten your money's worth. With this North Star, you won't have that problem. The only issue you'll find is that you can't seem to look away long enough to pay attention to what's going on around you. In the watch world, that's hardly a problem at all. Head on over and take a look at one of these while they're still in stock.

$2745 at


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