Friday Watch Corner: 29 April 2022 - #81D8D0 (Tiffany Blue)

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Light medium "robin egg blue." That's the proper name of the color associated with the New York jewelry company that's been in the news and living rent free in many heads lately. Of course, seeing that color in any minor variation instantly triggers memories of the now infamous Patek Philippe limited edition watch drop, and $6.5 million for a watch certainly deserves its very own spot within horology.

Photo: Rolex

Aside from the Patek brand, a quick search for some entry level Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches with the turquoise hue are now listing (and some are even selling) for $35,000+. No date complication, no day readout, and no fun diver's bezel to click around when zoom calls get boring...yet there they are, going for what I consider a King's ransom. If you follow our musings at Horology Republic, you have likely heard me talk about other watch brands riding the coattails of Rolex. I talk about it on an episode of the podcast, on a few livestreams, and even when interacting with other group members in our Facebook groups. In this case, though, it appears even Rolex has to ride the success wave of someone else. Whether they intended to or not, Patek Philippe has created something of an obsession amongst the self-proclaimed rockstars of the horological hobby.

The color became associated with Tiffany & Co. in 1845, when it graced the company's Blue Book. The whole history of is well documented and while we won't be going into all of it here, simply seeing this shade of blue today makes many people think of the company in one way or another. It's been seen throughout print media and digital media lately and it's almost impossible to think of this color representing anything else. All of this certainly has a desired effect and has created this lasting association. So, when this color appears on the dial of a watch, one may jump to a conclusion about some sort of collaboration between Tiffany & Co. and some high-end watch brand. In the vast majority of cases, though, a "robin egg blue" dial is just a "robin egg blue" dial. Freud is right in that sense.

Photo: Swatch Group

Since this association of color to a brand is so strong, other pieces featuring some semblances of this color have rocketed into space with regard to value. Our avocation, as filled with love as it can be, is still very much a vain one. Those self-appointed ambassadors I mentioned earlier are all scrambling to have something that's kind of like that $5 million watch they've seen. Of course, most of them don't have that kind of money to toss at a wristwatch and those that do more than likely wouldn't be writing about it on Instagram or in Facebook groups. They're after that idea that they, too are part of some elite group which can easily acquire anything Tiffany Blue. The funny part is, they aren't really limited in that sense. Even the new MoonSwatch has a pseudo-Tiffany Blue model that seems to sit higher above the gouged price line of the others. Funny how even "bioceramic" [read plastic] can command such a premium.

Photo: Reddit

Aside from those, there are others out there with a light blue dial. Quite a few options can be considered should you find yourself desperate for anything of the robin egg persuasion. Doxa offers a diving watch in it, with cute little blue indices on the bezel. Even Seiko has a dressier "Tiffany Blue" option for cocktail hour. Putting in a little time on your favorite search engine should help you find one that checks all the boxes and doesn't upset your wallet. If #81D8Do is for you, some options are out there at very reasonable prices...for now.


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