Breaking Up With Rolex


Yep. Just like the title says, it's time to let go. No, I'm not going to cue the Frozen song, though some of you likely already hear it in your heads (you're welcome), but I am going to explain why I think it's time Rolex and I went our separate ways.

It's not me, it's you. Really, it is, and I think we all know it. You've let yourself go in a way that just doesn't do it for me anymore. You won't call, you don't write, and you certainly never look happy to see me whenever I come by. And believe me, I do come by to see how you're doing every now and then. Since this is how it is, I'll be moving on.

Reminiscing on the good times will only take me so far. Yes, we've had some lovely times together in Europe, on the Mediterranean, swimming in the lake in Upstate New York, and even a few trips into the heart of one of the Intelligence Community's coolest buildings. It was great while it lasted but it's time I took my interests, my love, and my wallet somewhere else because as good as I've been to you, you haven't really been returning the feelings. And babe, I'm absolutely spoiled for choice here.

What Rolex has become is quite interesting from the perspective of the watch collector and enthusiast. With the "shortage" in products and the soaring demand, the secondhand market has become the only place to reliably buy a Rolex if you want one sooner rather than later- and at prices that seem to rise every few hours. The new measure of a man is on how long it takes for him to get "the call" from the AD, and many folks with established buying histories are waiting for years on end. That doesn't sound like a relationship I want to be involved in, toxic as it has become. It's also something that boggles the mind. So many of my fellow watch nerds have doubled down on Rolex in spite of themselves knowing better. I suppose everyone has their moment as the "side piece." If that suits them, fine...but for me, I've developed a wandering eye.

So many other brands have risen the "Rolex Wave" as I like to call it. OMEGA, Grand Seiko, Ernst Benz, Ulysse Nardin, and even a few microbrands have had a great moment to step in to fill the sales void. Watches that once were always playing second or third chair are now in the spotlight simply because they're available and of immense quality. The folks who don't wish to wait and don't want to overspend are finding themselves awash in other possibilities. You can even get yourself a Swiss-movement Bulova historic Naval watch if you're so inclined. The possibilities are endless with other brands taking their turn in the spotlight for consumers to consider. Showrooms are filling up with would-be Rolex customers who simply aren't buying into the nonsense anymore.

And really, with how much choice we have when it comes to our human romantic partners via the connected world we live in (I'm looking at you, dating apps), why would this horological love affair be any different? At least with these, you can have more than one and it isn't illegal or considered morally objectionable (you know what I mean). So, with all of that in mind, I'm on my way to have a look at the new ChronoLunar. Au revoir, Rolex...perhaps we'll meet again someday.


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