A Gem From Way Back When

When we think of some horological gems, most of the big brands come to mind. We think that only they are capable of creating something fun, unique, and catchy whilst continually breaking the bounds of horology or sticking to the core principles that make this such a fine hobby. But what I'm about to bring you today does neither. In fact, with a quartz movement, it's one of "those" watches which many look down their noses on.

Whether you're a quartz fan or not, what it has done to the industry is undeniable. This isn't a history lesson article on all of that, as it's been hashed out more times than most of us can count. What I will be brining you today is something I stumbled upon a few years ago and missed out on buying. It's quirky, funky, and definitely a product of its age.

So, what is it? I bring you the Chronosport Oceanus 6007. A watch from the mid-80s and from a now-defunct manufacturer, it has an integrated bracelet, gold accents, that period-correct quartz movement, and some cousins that share a LOT of DNA with it. It has a Breitling relative which looks identical save for the added Breitling dial instead of Chronosport. Save for that, you'd be hard pressed to see all the differences with this model and how it differs. It's the same, yet one goes for substantially more given Breitling's more established name and heritage. The Chronosport version, however, presents the much better deal as the Breitling version can be close to or well north of $1000.

How good of a deal? Well, a few years ago I saw one on our favorite auction site. It had an instant buy price of $360 and I felt it was a tad high, so I offered a bit less. Offer rejected, I bid the seller good luck and watched it sit on the site for at least another year. Every so often, I'd venture back and see the listing still active...as if it were still sitting in some digital jeweler's window waiting for just the right person to come and take it home. Eventually, that's exactly what occurred, and I missed my chance. Given how reasonable the price was, it should have been me. I felt my negotiating skills then were superior (as we all do at any given moment) and yet, I was forced to watch it go to someone else due to my own hubris.

But all of that aside, what makes this watch so great? Well, you'd have to like the aesthetics and how it all comes together. With a quartz movement, it's easy to service and easy to keep running. With the neat design, it's definitely not something you'll see on every other wrist at the casino or out to dinner in the grotto on a summer evening. You'd be hard pressed to find a "retro" watch that looks half as good within this price range. The gold really does give it some extra "wow" factor that would otherwise be missing had it been all steel. Unfortunately, because not many were sold, few survive. As such, you may find yourself paying even more than I initially saw should you find yourself drawn to this little interesting nugget as I was.

Maybe it's for you and maybe it's not. Either way, gems like this come along every once in a while, and sometimes you really have to move on the one you want before it's gone. Sometimes you'll have a year to think about it, other times you're too slow and it's gone. Who knows, maybe someday it'll come back up for sale and I'll have an opportunity to take it home.

(Photo credits to rcsmaine on Watchuseek)

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